Design and Installation

Structured Cabling NetworkNetwork Design and Installation

At CableDrive we aim to support businesses of all sizes in their Voice and Data network cabling requirements.

If you are moving into new office premises then we can design and install a complete voice and data capable structured cabling solution to meet your exact requirement. We understand that your network performance is important so by selecting our installation services you are assured of the highest level of professionalism and quality. Our network cabling installation services include the installation of stand-alone cabinets, racks, wall mounted cabinets, network cabling containment and patch panels.

Our staff are fully trained and equipped with the latest equipment to carry out the data cabling installation with minimal disruption to your business premises. On completion the cabling will be fully tested to ensure correct network performance.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)

Solutions for locations with up to 250 people.

Usually SMB’s try to keep IT expense to a minimum when considering a voice and data cabling solution. CableDrive is a specialist in SMB segment.

We will provide you with an open and honest assessment that will cover your current and future needs.
We review your current systems and determine if they are suitable to meet your future needs, or whether they can be utilised as part of your future cabling infrastructure. We will get a clear view of your needs by understanding your current and future needs. We will design solution that, wherever possible, incorporates your existing infrastructure and defines a solution for all your business requirements.

We provide a proposal including suitable quality components, an installation plan, timescales and price. Any solutions that we provide will also be competitively priced. Contact us for a Free Quotation.