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Premises and Office Cabling

We offer a range of cabling solutions so you can use CableDrive for any Adds/Moves/Changes on your existing network or for completely newly designed and installed solutions.

Traditional Voice Cabling

Whilst most new telephony (voice) system deployments use VoIP there are many traditional voice systems in use that operate over standard telephony cabling. At CableDrive we have the capability to undertake all manner of cabling services in support of these traditional telephony systems.


On almost all premises there is now a requirement for wireless coverage. You may have an existing wireless network that needs trouble shooting or you may have concerns about security. We can also help you with wireless issues such as “blind spots”, site survey, network planning, and coverge.

Home Cabling Systems

We offer home cabling systems that provides your home with the ability to connect a wide variety of communication, audio/video, and Entertainment Equipment with minimal disruption, inconvenience and cosmetic impact.

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