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Voice Cabling

Whilst most new telephony (voice) system deployments use VoIP there are many traditional voice systems in use that operate over standard telephony cabling. At CableDrive we have the capability to undertake all manner of cabling services in support of these traditional telephony systems.

Traditional cabling or wiring is often referred to as CW1308. This is the older type of wiring that was, and still is, used exclusively for telephone systems and extensions. Many old buildings will have legacy telephone systems and masses of old block wiring, often without documentation and records. It can be confusing to new technicians and building operators. We have experience and expertise to troubleshoot these legacy systems.

At CableDrive we can offer a range of services in support of traditional cabling systems such as small Adds/Moves/Changes or if required major lift and replace for part or full relocation of the cabling systems.

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